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Break Out of Your Slump

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Have you ever heard the phrase: “he fell out of form”? In sports terms, that means that an athlete has fallen out of shape. As someone who played a variety of sports in my younger days, I know how challenging it can be to fire on all cylinders again once you have fallen out of form or gotten out of shape.

Here’s the thing…you can fall out of form in more ways than just your body. It may be in your role as a spouse, a parent, or a leader, but sometimes when you get stuck in a bad rut, it can be a challenge to get back in the right form.

Don’t worry if you are feeling stuck right now. Slumps are normal for everyone and even the most famous people have experienced them at some stage of their careers, so it’s only natural that we will go periods of time when we’re not performing at our best.

So how can you break out your slump? -Acknowledge that you’re out of form -Get back to basics -Listen to your coach -Don’t be too hard on yourself -Have a supportive team around you

Need some help shaping up your life or your business? Contact me so that I can help you get out of your slump. I guarantee that you will get at least one fantastic idea after just one FREE 15 minute session. Pick your day and time at

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