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Find The Flow

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Creating a change in your life is hard work. Sometimes, even clear goals and plans aren’t enough to set you on the right path. You need the right energy to propel you into action.

Remember: whatever you focus on grows.

Momentum is a strength or a force gained by motion or a series of events. It’s something that catapults you forward. Think about sports, business, family, relationships, money. As you begin to create momentum it sets off a series of events that make change possible. Once your momentum starts flowing, it’s important to keep steering yourself in the right direction. Tennis players often speak about finding the right flow during a match and great players can manipulate the momentum of their opponents to win.

Have you ever thought about the opposite of momentum? Since momentum is a directional, the opposite is an opposed momentum. That means you start moving in the opposite direction. We don’t think about that too much, do we? We look at our finances and become ingrained in focusing on not having enough, Maybe you think your relationships aren’t good enough or maybe you think your business is always failing. Negative momentum can push you backwards.

Think about what it’s like to be paralyzed. It’s a state where you can’t move, no matter how hard you try. Christopher Reeve, the actor who once played Superman, became paralyzed from the neck down. He once said, “some people are walking around with full use of their bodies but they are more paralyzed than I am.”

Here’s a great quote by Frederic Chopin, “The crowd intimidates me, its breath suffocates me. I feel paralyzed by its curious look, and the unknown faces make me dumb.”

Momentum begets momentum and the best way to start is to start. Gain momentum in your life and start moving in the right direction. Let’s go forward together.

Photo by: Josh Calabrese @joshcala

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