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A financial coach helps you create goals and actually stick with them so you’re not just dreaming about financial peace—you’re living it.

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What is a Financial coach?

A financial coach will help clients develop plans to achieve their goals, then act as an accountability partner as clients enact their plans.

The full process consists of a number of steps. The first step is building awareness around spending habits, usually by tracking daily, weekly and monthly spending. The next step is defining the client’s financial goals, whether it’s setting a budget, creating an emergency fund or paying off debt.

Financial coaches work with their clients over the period of several weeks. Often, they meet with clients weekly or biweekly to provide advice and check on progress.

Ultimately, after six to 12 months, clients should have improved their financial literacy and be well on their way to achieving their financial goals.

Who should work with a financial coach?


You don’t need to have thousands of dollars in assets to work with a financial coach. In fact, most clients are in debt, have little in savings and have poor spending habits.

Perhaps you’ve tried to make a budget, but just can’t stick to it. Maybe you make enough money, but can’t figure out how to build an emergency savings fund. Or maybe you have so much debt between credit cards and loans that you don’t know the best way to pay it off.

A financial coach can help you structure your budget, build a financial plan and hold you accountable throughout the process.


Often, clients have deep-seated emotions around money. Financial coaches help their clients to identify, understand and work through those emotions.

Bottom Line:

A financial coach works to educate their clients on the basics of personal finance and build their financial literacy. They work with people who need help making budgets, paying down debt and creating a livable financial plan. Their goal is to empower their clients to make smart financial decisions and take responsibility for their choices.


A financial coach is not licensed to give specific investment advice, which makes them different from financial advisors. 

  • Financial coaches specialize in the behavioral side of money.

  • Financial coaches deal with your behavior with money.

  • Financial coaches often work with others in the financial industry, like advisors and CPAs, to cross-refer clients to one another.

  • Financial coaches help you discover your limiting beliefs and blind spots that hold you back from a life of greater meaning and fulfillment.

My Goal Is to help you:

  • Master mindset and limiting beliefs

  • Dig deep to get to the root of your financial issues

  • Implement long- and short-term goal setting

  • Understanding your own personality style and how it affects your financials

  • Show you how to choose options without emotion

  • Show you how you can inject HOPE into a hopeless situation

"Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out."


Robert Collier        

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