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The art of communication is the language of leadership. - James Humes



As a Coach, Mentor, Author and Speaker, Dean shares his years of knowledge and wisdom around personal development. Dean can engage your audience with time proven strategies on effectively helping people breakdown road blocks holding them back to real happiness. He can delight the audience with musical interaction in his presentation and captivate the audience through his gift of engagement. Dean Storer has coached clients from California to the Virgin Islands and has put on seminars, workshops, mastermind groups, and leadership training sessions. He understands people and has a unique and effective way of engaging those he speaks to.

Dean understands coaching practices that work! Dean has successfully been running his own businesses for almost 40 years. He has published several books on his teachings as well. Certified by John Maxwell in 2011, Bob Proctor in 2006 and as of recent Dave Ramsey as a Certified Dave Ramsey Financial Coach, Dean not only talks the talk, he walks the walk and has dedicated the last 2 decades of his life learning and up leveling his skills to better helping people, help themselves.  Dean has taken his coaching and leadership skills and is now sharing them from the stage. As a keynote speaker he can fill the event time with powerful information your guests can take home with them and use, leaving them to feel inspired and motivated in making real change.


The right keynote speaker can help make your event even more successful. Dean understands what goes into a successful speaking event. When you hire Dean, you can rest assured that he will provide relevant content that captivates and educates audience members on a wide variety of topics ranging from sales and leadership, to motivation and spirituality.

Are you ready to book Dean for your next event? 

The words you speak are powerful. Especially the words you speak to yourself.    - Robin S. Sharma


Dean speaking at the Becoming the Best You Conference in Kansas City

Inspiring Church Speaker


Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker to inspire your congregation? Dean Storer is a passionate advocate for the Word of God, dedicated to delivering powerful messages that resonate deeply with audiences of all ages.


Why Choose Dean Storer?


Biblically Grounded

Dean’s teachings are deeply rooted in Scripture, ensuring that every message is aligned with the truth of God’s Word. His profound understanding of the Bible allows him to connect with audiences and bring the Scriptures to life in a relatable and impactful way.


Inspiring and Motivational

With a heart for ministry and a gift for communication, Dean’s speaking style is both motivating and uplifting. He has a unique ability to encourage and challenge listeners, helping them to grow in their faith and deepen their relationship with God.


Experienced Leader

Dean has years of experience speaking at churches, conferences, and events. His background in ministry and his dedication to serving God’s people make him a trusted and respected voice in the Christian community.


Customized Messages

Understanding that every congregation is unique, Dean tailors his messages to meet the specific needs and themes of your church. Whether it’s a sermon, workshop, or special event, he ensures that his delivery is relevant and meaningful to your audience.


Topics Dean Covers:


- The Power of Prayer

- Faith in Action

- Understanding God’s Grace

- Building Stronger Christian Communities

- Navigating Life’s Challenges with Scripture

- Living Out the Great Commission


Book Dean Storer for Your Next Event


Ready to inspire your congregation with a message of hope, faith, and love? Contact us today to book Dean Storer for your next church service, conference, or special event. Let’s work together to bring the Word of God to life in your community.

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