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9 Ways to Save Money!

  1. Cut out the Starbucks! Make your coffee at home.

  2. Buy food in bulk and eat meals at home.

  3. Cut back on unnecessary subscriptions. Take inventory of what monthly subscriptions you are paying and cancel those that are unnecessary.

  4. Reinvent the way you participate in social activities. Invite Friends over for get-togethers instead of going out.

  5. Reevaluate your habits. Maybe its time to consider quitting those habits that break the bank. Smoking or drinking etc. habits really add up and can not only save dollars in your pocket but save your health!

  6. Turn off the lights and minimize utility costs.

  7. Eliminate junk food and snacks.

  8. Walk or ride a bike to your destination. Save on gas expenses and get fit in the process!

  9. Renegotiate your monthly bills. Get on a budget plan perhaps, or rework a payment plan to reduce your monthly expenses. Maybe downgrading your phone plan would be helpful.

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