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Do you have the super power of invisibility or think that you do?

"It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible and entirely ignored" - Unknown

Do you feel like you are invisible? The word itself says it all: "unable to be seen; not visible to the eye:" But are you truly invisible? Sometimes we think we are invisible or want to be invisible. Other times, we just want to hide so that no one can see us at all. However, when we think we are invisible or want to be invisible, people still see us. Even if what they see is not really the true or real us they still see a version of who we are. Have you ever thought about how people see you? What do you want people to see? Remember that you are always seen, even if you are trying to be invisible. People are going to talk and judge because it is what people do. Through the use of the internet, we are all very visible despite the desire to be invisible. Have you taken the time to search for yourself? Is the image that you found a hindrance? It is only a portion of who and what we are, but will be how you are judged. Thinking that you are invisible may wind up, causing you to be judged negatively before someone actually has a chance to meet you. People are always watching! You can change your level of visibility, level of participation and how you are seen! It’s all in your mindset! Do you have a desire to change your invisibility status? Do you need to break out of your shell? Do you need to change how others view you? It starts with changing your actions! It starts with CHANGE! I am Professor MindShift and I can help you analyze your level of invisibility and change how you are seen by others. Let's work to define what "invisible" means in your life.

Check out my calendar and find a time to connect with me to learn how invisibility can play a huge role in how you live your life and how Professor Mindshift can change how you view yourself and others view you. Join me for a 15-minute chat, book your time slot by visiting or we can spend an entire hour diving into visibility by visiting I am looking forward to speaking with you about the importance of how being invisible can change your business and personal life. #deanstorercoaching #deanstorer #invisible #WoWDean

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