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Professor Mindshift Thoughts on Intercourse

Professor MindShift here!

Changing the way that you view a word, relationship or even just a thought by shifting your mind! So we are going back to the word of the week from last week! The word INTERCOURSE! Last week it was mentioned that most people are transported to the gutter when they start thinking about the word Intercourse, Right? Did you not read the blog from last week? If not, here is the link to it so you can refresh your memory. Read it then get back to this week!

Okay, hopefully you have read the blog from last week and now know that we are talking about social intercourse versus sexual intercourse! The perception of a word that comes from someone's mouth is always in the mind of the person who hears the word and that may not be what the original thought was from the person actually speaking the word. These perceptions happen all the time with words and even thoughts. We want to shift the way that you think about the things in your life. We want to know what your take is on Intercourse! Follow this link and see how good you are at intercourse! Then sign up for a free one hour coaching session and we can sit and talk about your answers and if you don't think that has enough value then check your email after and download my book about Intercourse for free!

Looking forward to hearing from you and talking to you soon! We will work together to shift your mindset!

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