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Time to Slow Down

Looking for the good in life. When you think about the information that is put out on a daily basis do you notice how it focuses on the negative. Because you view the world through other's eyes, do you only see the negative?

An important part of the Swedish culture is where we found the word of the week, Fika! The definition of Fika is a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. Too often we focus on the negative because that is what is in our faces on a constant basis, but can you turn off the negativity? Do you know what it feels like to change a negative into a positive and change your day in the process?

Change your focus, change your attitude, change your mind and change your life! - Professor Mindshift

If this is your goal schedule a free one hour coaching session with me and let me help you start the process by changing your focus!

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