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Trip to Destinations unknown

What a weird word! Coddiwomple! I saw the word and thought that it had something to do with cuddling. Boy, was I ever wrong! Because it didn't mean what I expected I had to choose it as my word of the week! So, I am sure now you are wondering what is the actual meaning of Coddiwomple. The definition is: to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

I started thinking about Coddiwomple once I heard the definition and realized that most people in life travel towards a goal in a purposeful manner but are really not sure what the final destination will be. Have you ever started on a path in your life thinking that the destination was initially clear? Then, you get halfway to what you thought was your goal or destination and it no longer makes sense?

In my career, I have seen many people start on this path and then, because the destination became vague; they stopped on that journey, never completing the original goal because they lost focus. Sometimes on this path, we need a traveling partner to keep us on the path to make the destination completely clear. This is where my superpower as Professor Mindshift comes in handy! I want to be your travel partner to help you achieve your destination. Join me in a free one hour coaching session to see how I can help you on your travels to amazing destinations. Book a session by going to or you can join me for my free 5 week mastermind course on Opulence!

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