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Dean Storer invites you to join him as he hosts Stacey Le Bon presenting the "Rhythm of the Roadmap," a comprehensive 5-week digital marketing course designed to unlock the full potential of your digital presence. Collaborating with experienced digital marketing professionals, this course is perfect for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their online presence, streamline their marketing efforts, and drive sustainable growth.



Week 1: Your Foundation

- Establish a strong digital presence.

- Understand your niche, messaging, and branding.


Week 2: Your Automation

- Streamline processes for efficiency.

- Learn about funnels and email automation.


Week 3: Drive Your Traffic

- Increase your online visibility.

- Explore social media platforms and content creation strategies.


Week 4: Build Your Offer

- Create compelling digital offers.

- Develop digital products and courses that resonate with your audience.


Week 5: Scale with Customer Service

- Enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

- Utilize business tools and organization techniques to scale effectively.


- Experienced Instruction: Learn from professionals with years of industry experience.

- Live Sessions: Engage in interactive sessions every Tuesday from 1-2 PM ET on Zoom.

- Affordable Investment: Gain valuable insights and skills for just $197 for the entire course.

- Comprehensive Curriculum: Cover all critical aspects of digital marketing over five focused weeks.

Rhythm of the Roadmap - 5 Week Digital Marketing Course

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