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Dean Storer has been overcoming challenges in life and business for 30 years.

Growing up, Dean was frequently labeled as stupid and a troublemaker. He grew up to conquer illiteracy and a learning disability, taught himself to read, and eventually even wrote a book.

While immersed in a life of drugs and alcohol, Dean made the choice to invest in himself and choose success instead. He became passionate about helping others make similar choices and now he’s been mentoring and coaching for over 15 years.


Dean has learned from the best coaches in the business. He is certified as a LifeSuccess Consultant by Bob Proctor and is part of the John Maxwell Team.

Dean knows how difficult it can be to overcome blocks in life and business, but he also knows what success feels like. He wants to share that passion, which is why he is confident he can help you find success in your business.

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Do it Afraid!

Do it Afraid!

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Coaching Services

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15 minute chat with Dean
A short virtual chat or coffee with Dean via Zoom.
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1 hour Free Online Coaching
A free 1 hr coaching session with Dean to talk about your goals.
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90-Day fast Track Coaching
Personal and Powerful Breakthrough Program: 3-month agreement