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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

I am planning for the looming apocalypse and I need to buy supplies! Sorry but I can't help you!

What is the strangest excuse you have used to get out of something? Do you make excuses or try to explain away the reason you do or don't do something?

We often make excuses for why we haven’t done something or why we do or did things a certain way. The point is, if that is how you are and how you operate then why make excuses? Just own it and do it your way. However, if you don’t like the outcome or the ways things are in your life, then change it. Quit making excuses to explain it away. If you are happy with the outcome, there is no need to make excuses. The only reason to explain is if you are teaching or answering a question.

An excuse is an attempt to lessen the blame attached to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify. Do you do this? If you are happy with the way things are and how you do it, then an excuse or an attempt to justify is unnecessary. No explanation is needed. But if you are not happy and didn’t put forth the effort to get the desired outcome, then don’t make excuses. Fix it and do it right.

Let me show you what that looks like. Let me help you stop justifying and start doing!!

How do you stop making excuses?

Contact me to chat so that I can help you take those excuses for not achieving your goals into a reason to achieve your goals.

Pick your day and time to chat with me for free! Choose either a 15 minute chat by going to or an hour by going to after chatting with me those excuses will become achievable goals!

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