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Juggling Multiple Goals 


A number of studies suggest that breaking goals down into specific action steps works when applied to a single goal. However, when you’re working toward several goals, a different approach works more effectively. Consider these techniques to effectively juggle multiple goals.


Evaluate Your Current List of Goals

  •        Go after goals that are important to you now and change them when necessary

  •        Select three priorities from what matters most to you

  •        Tactfully decline requests for excessive obligations. Learn to say no graciously.

  •        Be realistic about time limits

Juggle the Goals You Want to Keep


  •        Merge related projects into one

  •        Schedule your most challenging demands for the time of day when you’re at your peak

  •        Define your success

  •        Select role models

  •        Shorten your learning curve by consulting those who already know the ropes

  •        Segment your time. Switching between activities will keep your mind fresh.

  •        Organize tasks efficiently to get things done more quickly

  •        Encourage a spirit of community and cooperation in your family and at work

  •        Stay fit to protect your ability to achieve everything you want to do

  •        Cut down on stress by going at your own pace. Resist rushing.



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