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Making Financial Changes?

6 Tricks for Minimizing the Fight or Flight Response

There are several obstacles to making significant financial changes. One of these

is the fight or flight response. If you’re able to manage your fight or flight response effectively, it’s much easier to introduce change into your life. This will not only decrease the amount of stress you feel, but you’ll also be able to make bigger changes in your finances more rapidly.


If you can deal with a little, harmless discomfort, you can gain a significantly greater degree of control over your financial life.


Tame your fight or flight response and change your life:

1.Realize that emotions are only feelings.

‣       Take charge of your thoughts and your feelings will follow. Embrace your positive financial changes with all your heart and soul.

‣       When negative feelings creep in, remember that you’ve felt worse. Avoid letting the emotion of the moment control your thoughts and actions.

2.Being uncomfortable isn’t always a good reason not to do something.

‣       When your discomfort prevents you from falling off the roof of a building, that’s a very good thing.

‣       When your discomfort prevents you from taking wise financial actions, it’s important to ignore it and work through it. You might take a quick gulp when you decide not to buy something or send some extra money to pay off a debt, but the results are worth it.

3.Take baby steps.

‣       Learn to tackle your fight or flight response a little bit at a time. Practice working through mild discomfort.

‣       Soon that new behavior will be easy. Then you can tackle more uncomfortable feelings.


‣       The only part of your physiology that’s easy to control is your breath. You can control the rate and quality of your breathing.

‣       Slow, deep breaths can decrease feelings of discomfort and anxiety as you take action towards positive financial change.

5.Use physical activity to your advantage.

‣       If you’re starting to feel anxious, get some exercise.

‣       Physical exertion is an effective means of releasing stress and can help you renew your positive efforts for a bright financial future.

6.Control your self-talk.

‣       Negative self-talk will only serve to intensify your negative feelings.

‣       Tell yourself that you can make the financial changes that you desire, and instill a sense of confidence.

Increasing your tolerance to the fight or flight response can greatly enhance your ability to make positive financial changes in your life. Start slowly and build up your tolerance. Avoid letting your out-of-control fight or flight response limit your life or prevent the secure financial future you desire.

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