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Are You Aligned With Your Path?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

There is a strong correlation between the body and the spirit. Our minds drive us, often dictating our choices and directions. Other times, we listen to the heart or follow messages from the body. When we step off the true path, our mind and body can get out of alignment. The moment that happens, we may get sick or injure ourselves. We then store negative energy from these experiences within our bodies. We have not been taught how to release much of the pain we encounter. Self-care activities such as acupressure and meditation can be used to release trapped emotional pain that have settled into our bodies.

We receive messages throughout each day that help guide us. Many of these notions are ignored. The powerful and logical thinking mind often overrides the subtle nuances of the body. Life is hectic. We are pulled into a hundred different directions. How in the midst of all that can we follow our hearts and our physical instincts? The greatest lesson we can learn is that the only one who ultimately gets disappointed is ourselves.

How would it feel to have the power to choose your life and the direction it will take? Liberated? Relieved? You actually have this power right now!

Within each of us is a road map. Our bodies are spiritually designed to travel along this path. One of the most significant things we can do to find our purpose is to listen and to follow the body. Learn to live in the heart and be guided by intuition.

This is not to say logic is irrelevant. We have complicated reasoning abilities for specific situations. Our brain keeps us alive: it protects us and propels us. However, we need to move the thinking mind out of the driver’s seat. Yes, we will continue to think and logically problem-solve, but we need a shift. We need to do so from the body, the heart and from our intuition. This will guide us towards our soul’s greater destination, our true life purpose.

It is time to live on the path.

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Photo Courtesy of Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

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