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Are you responsible?

I am responsible for what I say! I am not, however, responsible for what you understand.


Responsibility is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone or something. You are responsible for your words, actions, family, getting to places on time, your work ethic, your finances and so many other things or at least you should be. Responsibility means taking charge of you, your actions, and your life. It also means accepting your part for any wrongdoings.

Responsibility is a choice. Something that each person should have in their life. When you are responsible for your actions and your life, you will have more control, stability and even more honesty with yourself and those you care about.

Don’t blame shift, or make excuses, start acting responsible for your part of any situation. Take responsibility for your part in the outcome of a situation, for any misgivings and your success.

Let's work to define responsibility for you or help you to become more responsible. When you are responsible, you are credible, you can be counted on and believed. Being responsible is an asset.

Look at my calendar and find a time that suits you to learn how responsibility takes a huge role in all of your relationships. Join me for a 15 minute chat, book your time slot by visiting or we can spend a whole hour diving into responsibility and what it looks like in your life by visiting I am looking forward to speaking with you about the importance of responsibility in your business or personal life.

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