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Autonomy = Independence

My word of the Week is Autonomy - Freedom from external control or influence: Independence

When you are a kid, all you seek is independence or autonomy from your parents, school, anyone who tells you what to do and how to do it. When you are an adult, you have more independence because you are supposed to know what the rules are and how to follow them. Force is exerted from the outside and through that pressure, that person is shown a path to success or failure.

The pressure from external control or influence creates the diamond within you. It pushes on you to become something that you might never have been, in a positive way or in a negative way. The choice is yours to find your autonomy in your life. The choice is yours to gain your independence and succeed or fail.

Are you willing to find your autonomy? Are you ready to push forward in your independence? Do you need help to decide which external influence you should listen to? Sign up for a free one hour coaching session with me at or you can sign up for my free 5 week mastermind on Opulence which starts on July 28 by going to

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