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Boost Your Confidence

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We all know people who are confident. They seem to face challenges head on and with a level of calm. Confidence is not something we are born with, it is shaped by our life experiences. No one can build your confidence for you but the good news is that you can build your confidence up over time.  It might seem like a daunting task if you really believe you lack confidence, but imagine the freedom you will feel when you have that sense of self-assurance and the bravery to accept challenges and step out of your comfort zone.

Check your self-esteem

Self-esteem is the foundation on which your confidence is built. It is how you evaluate your worth and if you don’t hold yourself in high regard then you won’t behave confidently.

If you suspect you have a low self-esteem then check where this could be coming from. The clearer you are about your self esteem the better you can learn to take care of yourself and think more deeply about why you feel the way you do.

What do you have control over that you can change? Can you work on overcoming negative thinking and self sabotage?

Combat low self esteem  

Create a vision board or a poster that details your achievements and proudest moments. Having a physical reminder of your accomplishments could do wonders for your self esteem. Another great way to build self confidence is by mastering a new skill. The more often that you experience success in personal or professional development, the more self confidence you will gain – simple right?

Break down the task of mastering a new or existing skill into small chunks. These will be your stepping stones to success!

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Photo Courtesy of Victor Rodriguez on Unsplash

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