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Create an Abundant World

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

You need to be willing to invest yourself and your time into having the things that you want. I don’t want to over-emphasize the work it takes to succeed, but I don’t want you to think that sitting around being positive is the only thing you need to do to attract things into your life.

It’s a combination of thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

If you just stay in one place, you’re like the Dead Sea. It’s called the Dead Sea because nothing can live there. The water is too salty and there is no outlet. The water doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t do anything. You have to feed your spirit and your mind with the positive information and energy that will keep you going, and you must do something.

In contrast, the Jordan River runs from the north into the Sea of Galilee. That sea is actually a very large lake and has been used for fishing for centuries. People still fish on it. The fresh water, which includes spring runoff from the mountains, comes into the lake from the river. At the other end of the lake the river continues south through Israel and finally ends in the Red Sea. Because the Sea of Galilee is always being fed with fresh water, it is abundant with resources that sustain life.

The Dead Sea only receives and doesn’t give anything, so it is evaporating and dying. The only real value it has is there are salt factories on its banks. Tourists visit because of its Biblical significance, not because of its usefulness.

We, too, can be like one of these seas. We keep feeding ourselves with positive information and thoughts that help us and in turn help other people, too. We can create an abundant world for ourselves and help others realize they can have it, too, if they choose.

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