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Do You Have Momentum?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

John Maxwell once said, “Momentum solves 80% of your problems.”

Once you start moving forward, you’re already ahead of those who are stuck. I like to think about momentum like sledding down a snowy hill. Your sled gathers speed as it travels, and the first push is most important to building up the right amount of speed. But, before any of that happens, you first have to go outside, get your sled, suit up for the cold weather, and climb to the top of that hill!

Momentum is what happens when your work finally gets the recognition and credit it deserves in the public eye, but only after you’ve developed your skills in relative anonymity first.

You get momentum when you are feeling confident and have great self-belief. However, before you can become confident in your abilities, you have to become competent in your abilities.

Momentum is great, but don’t forget what comes first.

You only have a certain number of days on this planet and that’s what makes them precious. You can waste them doing stuff that doesn’t matter. You can stumble through them, and you can forget their value.

Or, you can make the most of each of each day, and each push forward. You can build momentum by choosing to live with passion and enthusiasm. You can find joy and you can continue learning. You can make the world a better place.

Momentum is also like riding the crest of a wave in the ocean. First, you have to paddle out into the surf. Your days are precious. What are you doing with them?

Ready to build some positive momentum in your life? I can make you a set of keys! Pick your day and time at to chat. I guarantee that you will walk away from our discussion with at least one idea you can start using immediately.

Image courtesy of Rowan Simpson on Unsplash

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