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Do You Have The Spark?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Imagine that you are preparing a meal with the ingredients of your life. You are following a recipe with the disciplines you live by. You are cooking up something for you, or your family, or your business. The work you’ve done is simply the recipe for a meal you are preparing. It can be delicious, or tough to swallow, but most often in our life we are eating the meal that we prepared for ourselves and those around us.

Have you noticed that the fire of life seems to come most often when we need a meal most? The crossroads is the place where life sends its flame to meet the ingredients you have been using. The tension of life has a way of testing the depths of our hearts.

The meal you’ve been preparing with all your hard work and dedication needs a flame to bring about what the recipe and ingredients call for; a catalyst to action. If you’ve been following the recipe for an unsatisfactory meal, when life turns up the heat, you’ll wind up with a meal lacking nutrition. On the other hand, when you discipline yourself and use beneficial ingredients, the fire will create a tasty meal.

A constant upgrade in perception and life’s benefits need a constant flow of proper nourishment. Momentum comes, and stays, to the disciplined.

We simply need a clearer perspective to understand the benefits of the fire of life. So many people tend to default to complaining when life turns up the heat. There’s a reason the problems so often pop up when the solution is almost reality. It’s because your recipe and ingredients need a flame to bring about what you’ve been cooking with your life.

Life has a way of revealing the truth of what we’ve been preparing, be it good or bad. Let the heat reveal the delicious and beautiful meal you’ve been preparing over time. 

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Photo courtesy of Alan Labisch on Unsplash

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