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Eight Seconds Left

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Imagine a clock ticking down with only eight seconds left. Bull riders have eight seconds to stay on their raging bull. That doesn’t sound like a lot of time to most of us, but I’m sure to the rider it can seem like an eternity.

Research says that 50% of web surfers spend eight seconds on each page that they’re looking at before deciding whether or not to read on. If you have a website or an online shop, that’s all the time you have to grab someone’s attention and encourage them to read more.

Eight seconds, no more, no less. That’s the same length of time that it takes for an audience to form an opinion of a public speaker. They’re judging their attire, their voice, their body language and their confidence. Even before the speaker has said a word, a judgement has been made by the audience members as to whether or not they are worth listening to.

Eight seconds is also the length of time that you have to make a first impression with a stranger. Your smile, eye contact, handshake and that first greeting.  If you have a job interview or a sales pitch, this period of time can make or break you.

What are you doing with your eight seconds and how would you like to improve? I can help you make the best impression, no matter what circumstance you may encounter. Pick your day and time at  I guarantee that you will walk away from our discussion with at least one idea you can start using immediately.

I would also like to invite you to my monthly MasterMind Group online which occurs on the first Wednesday of the month at 11am EST. I limit each session to just 25 people, so that we will be able to go deep into your business and make the experience truly transformative.

Photo Courtesy of Gilles Rolland-Monnet On Unsplash

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