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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Balance for many feels pretty elusive; something they’d love to achieve,but they don’t have a real idea of how to instill more of it in their lives. The demands on them, and their time, are increasing and the hours in the day feel fewer and shorter. Does that ring a bell? Here are 5 practical tips on how you can achieve balance in your life:

1. Create a weekly planner. Include certain commitments (such as only accepting appointments at certain times, only working late 1 or 2 evenings), spend a certain amount of time with important people in your life, and block off time for yourself including visits to the gym, shopping, reading or other activities you enjoy. Really make the commitment to follow your plan.

2. Delegate. As entrepreneurial types, we often do everything ourselves because we do not trust others to do things as well or we do not wish to spend the money on outsourcing. Certainly the latter can be self deceptive as the time we would free up by outsourcing certain tasks could be used in different, more effective ways, such as to see clients, write articles, do research or whatever we would like to do to grow our business. Consider looking into the possibility of hiring a virtual assistant or marketing firm.

3. Scrutinize your time management skills. If they need brushing up, be honest with yourself and make the investment to optimize your time.

4. Focus on the positive. Getting caught up in negative emotions causes stress, is time-consuming and energy draining.

5. Trust and value yourself. You know you are talented and great at what you do. The fact that you need time to yourself and your loved ones does not detract from that. Your integrity is more intact if you value yourself and your own wellbeing as much as that of your clients.

Try out these tips, see which ones work well for you and remember to stick with them for a while. Think of the relief you’ll feel when you gain a greater balance!

If you think you’d benefit from some help with implementing a great balance in your life more smoothly and quickly, sign up for a FREE no obligation coaching consultation at

Photo courtesy of Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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