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How do you face a challenge?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Have you stumbled and fallen this week? In life? How do you view a challenge? As a blessing or a hindrance? A challenge can be nothing more than getting out of bed in the morning? Or it can be a call to a competition, duel, or a confrontation. Do you engage with the challenges placed before you? Do you fight in that duel? Do you confront those that are causing the issues in your life? The word challenge can fulfill a variety of definitions, situations, and outcomes. There are also different phases of challenges. Especially when it comes to the mindset of each individual challenge. None of us like to be challenged on our integrity, character or even our viewpoint. We can view objections as a challenge. The simple demand for proof of something can be a challenge. Especially when we are forced to confront our own truths. We go through phases of facing our truths. We deny and make excuses for things when it comes to ourselves. But when we reach the phase of recognition that something needs to change, then we can reach the phase of overcoming. First, we deny, then we recognize, and then we act. If you do these things, your challenges that you once viewed as a hinderance become a blessing. It’s difficult, but it is very doable. Face your challenges head on. Find a way to work through them. Let’s talk about your challenges. How do you view them? Want to learn how to turn your challenges into blessings. Pick your day and time to chat with me for free!

I guarantee you will walk away from our discussion with an understanding of why challenges in life and changing your mindset are so important.

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