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Imagine Your Opportunity

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I want you to imagine a place with a huge lake, a lake with crystal clear water that stretches far into the horizon. That lake is called opportunity. In the place where the lake is located, everyone walks by the lake, but people respond to it differently.

Some notice how inviting that clear water looks and they can’t wait to jump in.  They have a long swim and enjoy everything that the lake has to offer.

Some look at the water, take their shoes off, roll up their trousers and dip their feet in.  They like the lake, but don’t get past the edge of the shore.

Some see the water and look at those who are enjoying the lake with a mixture of emotions.  They are jealous of the swimmers, and at the same time, they are critical of those who are taking the risks that they themselves are too afraid to take.

Finally, there are those who walk right past the lake, but don’t notice the opportunity that’s right there beside them.

The Lake of Opportunity is very real and you walk past it every day. Will you swim in it? Will you paddle? Or will you merely watch those who are brave enough to enter it? The choice is yours. 

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Photo Courtesy of Dirk Von Loen-Wagner on Unsplash

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