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Improve Your Commute

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We spend many hours in our cars commuting or running errands and, often, we can feel rushed or frustrated by traffic. Mindless driving is also on the rise with the distractions of cell phones and other electronics, road rage, eating in the car and other tasks as we race from place to place and having too much on our minds. Adding mindfulness to your drive can lead to safer driving, less stress and better relationships with those in the car and in the car next to you! 

  1. Turn off the cell phone. Cell phones have become a way of life but are dangerous while driving. You miss a lot when glancing at your phone, not to mention trying to text or dial. Pull over if you need to, but try to get in a habit of letting the phone go while you drive.  

  2. Use red lights as a time to STOP. Maybe this is a good time to relax your shoulders if you have your hands tightly gripping the wheel. Much of mindfulness practice is about noticing without judging. When you have been stopped for several red lights in a row, notice your response. Are you automatically judging that “the lights are out to get me” or “I am not lucky” or can you let it go? 

  3. Play “I Spy.” Just as we do with our children on car trips, play I Spy by taking in your surroundings. Looking around can open our eyes to things we have been passing by every day but not noticing. Notice license plates, street signs, scenery or anything else you might have missed in the past while of course keeping your eyes on the road. Being curious about your surroundings can help the ride be more enjoyable and stress free.

Give these tips a try the next time you’re in bumper to bumper traffic. Want more tips on how to reduce stress? Sign up for my FREE 15 minute virtual coffee chat at

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