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Inspire Loyalty

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Loyalty is hard to find, trust is easy to lose, and actions speak louder than words. True loyalty requires us to have faith in each other and it is the glue which makes relationships last for a lifetime.

Sometimes as leaders, we think that it would be much easier if everyone just did what they were told without asking questions or disagreeing with us. That’s not real leadership and that does not inspire loyalty. Remember, the best leaders don’t surround themselves with yes-men (or yes-women) they instead utilize people who have their own opinions, their own unique perspectives and their own techniques for getting great work done.

If you want to be a better leader who gets better results, you need to both give and receive loyalty.

You want people around you who:

-are unafraid to debate your decisions to ensure the best path is chosen.

-have the initiative to do things their way, not just copy how you do it.

-bring their talent and ideas to the team, not rely on you for everything.

-display their loyalty, by doing their best work for you.

I encourage you to fill your circle with people from different backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and experiences. Loyalty is not about who acts true to your face, it’s about who remains true behind your back.

Great leaders know that they don’t have all of the answers themselves and need a diverse range of loyal people around them if they are to take their team to the next level of success.

Want to know the secret to attracting loyal relationships in all aspects of your life? Pick your day and time at to chat. I guarantee that you will walk away from our discussion with at least one idea you can start using immediately.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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