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Personal Coaching Activity #2

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Personal Coaching Activity #2

You’re going to make two lists. This may be difficult for you to do objectively. Try to step outside of your feelings and do this without the energy that you carry with you about these things that you see as obstacles to the life you want. Look at the experience as if it is someone else’s, if you can.

1. Make a list of four or five things that you see as your biggest problems.

2. Journal on another piece of paper what it is about these problems that makes you feel frightened or doubtful. What is it that blocks you from making this problem go away, that you have control over?  Yourself? This is a healthy way to express your feelings and thoughts without attacking anyone else or blaming them for your choices. Be honest with yourself.

3. Last, if you didn’t have any of those stumbling blocks keeping you from changing that problem, what would the results look like? Brainstorm and journal possible solutions or steps to eat this elephant one bite at a time. Nothing is too far out to consider or too small to consider. Don’t let yourself settle for, “If the problem was gone I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore and life would be better.”  Think of actions you can take.

By looking at what you believe to be obstacles, we are beginning to identify foundations for making them into stepping stones. Keep going. Every path starts with the first step, and every other step is progress.

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