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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Well, folks, Thanksgiving is just a few days away. For many of us, that means great food and great company are on the horizon. However, others may feel themselves scrambling this time of year and doing things at the last minute; running to the grocery store one last time on Thanksgiving morning or heading to the shopping sprees on Black Friday. In those cases, they often wind up fighting for parking spots and desperately deciding what to buy without a list, a budget, or anything remotely resembling a plan.

For people in this situation, the holidays go from being a great celebration to becoming a time of additional, unnecessary stress. They dread the whole experience, it sits over their head like a black cloud in the few weeks preceding the big day and then they’re relieved when it’s over.

It doesn’t have to be like that and I don’t think that it should be. With some careful planning and early action, both Thanksgiving and Christmas can become days of joy, celebration, reflection and quality family time.

As I considered this recently, it struck me that the principles of planning and action are appropriate for virtually any deadline. Too often, we leave things to the last minute. We know that the deadline is looming and feel the pressure of the date in our calendar, but we don’t act until we absolutely have to.

I encourage you to not wait, to instead get it done early and take a lot of pressure off.  Be one of the few who sit back and relax while the majority scurry around, unable to enjoy what they’re doing. Great work isn’t done by people who meet the deadline by 15 minutes.  It’s done by those who plan and take decisive action without the added pressure of a timeline.

Remember, the holidays are meant to be a time celebrating and relaxing with family and friends. Tell me, what are you thankful for this year? I’d love to hear about your accomplishments and help you set some fresh goals. Pick your day and time at  I guarantee that you will walk away from our discussion with at least one idea you can start using immediately.

Photo courtesy of Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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