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Remember to Play

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

How many of us remember what it is like to play? Remember how summer vacations lasted an eternity when we were young? There were no fears, no perceived failures, no expectations and no anxiety – just a sense that we could go outside, find our friends and simply have fun. 

When we look at our childhoods, things seemed much easier back then. Or maybe it is just that, since those days, we have learned how to complicate things. As adults, we spend hours surveying our expectations of others and ourselves. We spend our lives trying to control things and somehow this deconstructive and repetitive behavior makes us feel safe. Almost as if we will feel better by imposing our own restrictions on ourselves.

Here’s the big secret: life is meant to be enjoyed! Breaking the everyday spell of control and letting go, tapping into your creative self, will yield riches and experiences you never dreamed possible. If you allow yourself to stay stuck, you will stop growing, collect dust and become irrelevant.

The thing about children is that they inherently know how to play, how to take chances, how to expand into the unknown and fully experience it. They take on new and exciting activities with reckless abandon while not obsessing over what others might think.

We adults could learn so much from the art of play. After all, some of the world’s best inventions and art came about through creative mistakes. It is in allowing ourselves to let go and color outside the lines that we may truly learn how to fly.

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Photo Courtesy of Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

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