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Steer Your Ship

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

You’ve probably seen the news story about the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal but, just in case you haven’t: a container ship called the Evergreen ran aground due to high winds and completely blocked the trade route for six days. It’s amazing how much one small problem impacted our modern world and showed us all one simple truth…that you just can’t steer a ship that’s not moving. 

I’m not a sailor but I do know that if the captain wants to change the direction of the ship, he needs to get it moving first.  If the boat was to stay still (or in this case, get stuck) even the most experienced captain couldn’t turn it around, it’s impossible.  The movement creates the opportunity to steer the ship. 

This principle is true in life as well, yet so often we miss it. I’ve come across many people who are waiting for life (or God) to show them which direction to take next.  Unfortunately, if you’re not moving, you can’t be steered. If you are looking for direction from God, start praying in earnest, read your bible daily, go to Church more often, or begin volunteering. If you’re looking for direction in your health, finances, relationships, parenting or any other aspect of your life, don’t sit around waiting for a miraculous neon sign to point you in the right direction.  

Whatever aspect of life is stale and needs direction, don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen.  Start taking action! You may not end up where you expected.  You may experience stormy seas.  It may be more challenging than sitting in the dock waiting for a sign. But at least you’re making progress and getting closer to your goal!

Remember, the movement creates the opportunity. You don’t get to enjoy the journey when you’re tied up at the dock. Life rewards action. What action are you going to take? 

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Photo courtesy of Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

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