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Take Heart

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Some say the heart is just a muscular pump in the middle of our chest. Others say it is the center and essence of who we are, a kind of spiritual core. Whether it is the seat of all human emotion or just a cardiovascular organ, nothing captures our imagination, hopes and fears like our heart.

It’s great when science validates what we know in our hearts. Research now tells us that the old notion that our brain is the singular origin of emotions is no longer valid. We are all amazing interconnected beings, with our bodies and our hearts, affecting emotions in concert with our brain. 

The communication goes both ways, from the brain to the heart and from heart to brain. If you stop and think of something soothing, like sunning on the beach, your heart rate will immediately change into a more relaxed rhythm. We’re also seeing that the heart may be talking to the brain more than vice-versa! 

Psychologists and scholars speak often about what happens when our heart breaks. We are encouraged to see this breaking apart as breaking open. Sometimes the bravest act of our lives is accepting our vulnerability, letting down the armored wall around our hearts and allowing ourselves to open. The courage to do so comes from the core of our being and the faith that we can do so and remain standing. Take care of your physical heart and your spiritual heart for optimum wellness. 

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Photo courtesy of Amirali Mirhashemian on Unsplash

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