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What is Coaching?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

So, what is coaching? When I meet new people, they often ask me what I do. I tell them that I am a pure life business coach.

They ask, “what kind of coach are you, really? Do you have a niche or focus on a specific industry?”

My answer is always “no.”

In my life, I have learned to overcome blocks and obstacles and how to help others do the same. One of the first questions I ask potential clients is: “do you want to move to the next level?”

If they say yes, I’ll ask the follow-up question; “what does that next level look like?”

Surprisingly, most people don’t know what the next level looks like, much less how to get there.

When you sign up for coaching, I will ask you empowering questions. Empowering questions will make you search for answers within yourself and will also help you overcome things that are preventing you from becoming your best self.

Moving to the next level is different for everyone. For some, it may mean building a team, or taking a step back from the business in order to made their business better.

That’s why coaching can be so beneficial. I’m a neutral party. I’m not your boss, not your manager, not your employee. I’m someone you can bounce ideas off, without fear of judgement. There’s nothing more empowering than moving to the next level and knowing how to get there.

If you’re interested in moving on up to that next level, I offer free one hour coaching sessions. In addition to business coaching, I also offer life coaching and can help you with your relationships and communication skills. If you’re interested in discovering the treasure that’s within you, visit my website for more information.

Tip to Take Away

One of the biggest obstacles you’re going to have to overcome is yourself. How do you get out of your own way? That’s where I come in. Call, text, or email me to schedule your FREE one hour coaching session.

(864) 979-0808

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