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What Is Your Gift?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Part of my coaching mission statement is to help bring awareness to those who want to unlock their gifts and natural abilities. If you break that down, my mission is to help uncover and to reveal potential.

Awareness is like finding a blanket in front of a coffee table. If I asked you to try to describe what’s behind the blanket without you knowing what it really was, to describe the color, the shape, all of it, you would look at me like I was crazy. You wouldn’t know where to begin. You would start to make guesses at best, or tell me that you didn’t know, at worst. After you’ve given me your answer, I would then take that blanket and pull it aside. Only then could you describe it, that you can see it for what it really was.

I want to help people unlock their potential. Even the phrase unlocking is important; to release people from their inner prison. What is your gift?

Let’s take a look at the lighter side of things. Think about what it would be like to be set free, to be able to set foot outside of your inner prison, to find the key and realize how good life can be.

Did you know we have infinite potential? We can accomplish almost anything we put our minds to. We are co-creators with God and, because of this, we have infinite potential.

Looking for some battle-tested tips on how to unlock your potential? Let’s chat. Pick a time at

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