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What’s Your Habit?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Does this ever happen to you? You’re doing some task, one you’ve done plenty of times before, when someone says something like “Why don’t you do it this way?” or “Why don’t you do that?”

You find yourself thinking, “That’s a good idea – why DON’T I do it that way?” So, you do it differently this time. Then, the next time you forget all about that earlier conversation and do it the same way you’ve always done.

Not knowing and not agreeing often aren’t the reason we don’t do things. Mostly it’s a simple question of habit. We often think about habits as being bad, but some habits can be positive. At the end of the day, most habits are just a matter of routine. 

Some people diligently brush and floss their teeth while others just brush. An awful lot of what we do is performed unconsciously, even if we’re aware of our actions. So while I consciously decide to brush my teeth, and am aware of doing it, the actual way I brush is usually automatic. There are probably improvements I’d make straight away if I did it in a fully conscious way. But it works fine as it is, why change? After all, who’s got the time? 

We live our lives in a similar fashion. We keep on doing things habitually that we know we’d benefit from changing. Habits have ways of really making themselves at home. They can seem hard to change. They can even seem like they’re inevitable, when, in fact, they’re just repetitions. 

Creating new futures is literally a question of changing habits. Find a habit that doesn’t work for you, drop the habit. Maybe create a new habit that does work for you. 

Obviously that could well be easier said than done. But just knowing you’re dealing with a

habit rather than a rigid truth helps you start the process. You’re not fighting the world, you’re just fighting your own repetitive ways of behaving or seeing things. 

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