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Your Self-Care Plan

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We very rarely consider taking care of ourselves as a priority. In fact, many times we perceive it as being a reward that should only be experienced when we deserve it. The truth is that self-care is an important, necessary component of being human. When we choose to neglect self-care, we put our overall health and wellness at risk and threaten to upset our relationships with those closest to us.

Self-care is not a reward. It is an attitude that recognizes that we are responsible for our well-being and then being determined to fulfill that responsibility. Here are some quick steps you might consider in creating an action plan for your own self-care.

Take time before you need it Life throws us a number of curve-balls, but there are plenty of slow pitches coming our way which we ignore. In other words, we generally know when a stressful situation is about to occur and we do little to prepare our bodies mentally, physically, and spiritually for life’s little hiccups. Whether it is a difficult conversation, a discouraging doctor appointment, disciplining our children, or some other challenging event, we can pinpoint times during the week where stress may peak. It would be an excellent idea to take time to take care of yourself prior to these events. You will find that the mental and physical impact will lessen significantly as a result.

Choose your remedy Identifying what works best comes naturally for some while it can be challenging for others. Be certain to respond to yourself with compassion and understanding as you find the best means for self-care. To be honest, many of us were not given the opportunity to explore self-care techniques as children. You should feel free to explore unique, creative options without judgment. You may enjoy doing push-ups, journaling, watching funny videos, meditating, or simply experiencing nature.

Be honest with yourself Sometimes we respond to our stress by engaging in negative activities that cause more harm than they do good. This could include running to social media (Reddit, Facebook, etc.) and scrolling through the drama, seeking alcohol or other substances for a quick Band-Aid, expressing negative emotions, and more. Consider how you might change or replace these behaviors with something that improves your mood and overall wellness.

If you would like to explore options or learn more about how to improve your body, mind, and spirit integration, please take advantage of my FREE 15-minute coaching session

Photo courtesy of Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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