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Get Organized for the New Year

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Do you wish you could be more organized, but you are just so busy you don’t have any time? All too often people say they have so much going on they don’t have time to make changes to become more focused and more organized. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed, particularly around the holidays. The good news is, a few small changes now could have some serious time saving payoffs for 2020! So, make a copy of the list below and put your electronic devices away for a few minutes to give these tips a try.

Tip # 1: Find a home for your keys

This tip seems so simple but can save you a lot of time. Where do you keep your keys? If your keys don’t have a permanent home then make one – pronto. Put up a key rack or place a dish on the hall stand. Then, once you come home you will always put your keys in their rightful place.

This might sound like an inconsequential change but the average person wastes one whole year of their total lives looking for their lost belongings. That’s mind blowing. If someone offered you an extra year of life, you’d take it!

Tip # 2: Implement the 60 second rule

In order to avoid wasting tons of time preparing yourself to tidy your office, kitchen, or any room in your home, use this easy rule. If it takes less than 60 seconds to put an item away- just do it! Put it away.

The truth is, it will probably take you less than 30 seconds to put an item away. If the item doesn’t have a pre-existing home then apply the logic from Tip #1 and make a permanent spot for it. I’m sure you’ve got 30 seconds spare to check your phone and “like” a funny video. So, trade a few of those precious seconds and redistribute them to putting your stuff away.

Tip # 3: Automate the small stuff

My final tip is to take some stress out of your week by putting some of life’s little mundane tasks on auto pilot.

Let’s say you always brush your teeth after breakfast, before getting in the shower. Great! You don’t have to worry about whether you brushed your teeth this morning because it happened automatically.

Now, apply that logic to some of your other personal routines to alleviate all of those ‘to do’ tasks from causing you concern about when or if they need to get done. We waste so much time worrying about when things will happen, we are subtly changing our internal voice from one of peace to one of chaos. This tip can help free up some precious mental space. Save those brain cells for more important tasks!

These are my top three simple ways which you can easily regain some precious time in your life to spend on the things that are truly important. Want to start 2020 off right? Let’s have a quick chat to help you set some attainable goals for the new year. Call or email me today!

Photo Courtesy of Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash

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