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Love the Now

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Whether we realize it or not,  we often take inspiration from our surroundings. In my office, there’s a quote on the wall which reads “love where you’re standing now.” We’ve all heard different motivational speakers and authors talk about living in the moment and appreciating this stop on your life’s journey. The quote inspires me every day because that is where our power lies, in the now.

I sometimes like to go out onto my patio and sit outside, practicing sound mediation. I’ll close my eyes and listen to all of the different sounds around me; the bird song, the traffic, squirrels running up trees, and even the sound of my own breathing. Once I tune in to the environment around me, I can release all of my stress, worry, and fear. I focus all of my energy on listening and, in those moments, something as simple as appreciating the wind whistling through the trees can be extremely moving. When you understand loving where you are now, it’s powerful.

Tip to take away: Give sound meditation a try. Go outside, close your eyes, and listen to all the different sounds you’ll hear. I guaranteed you before you know it, you’ll find a place of inner peace.

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