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What Do You Think About?

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

I heard a while back that to compare is to commit suicide. When you look at your life, especially when you are in a bad place, and you compare it to someone else whose life is going well, you become even more discouraged and frustrated.

Imagine that I am holding a piece of paper that’s blank. How big is this sheet? It’s not a specific size, it is simply a sheet of paper. But, if I take it and put it on the wall, you suddenly see that the paper is smaller than the wall. That simple action has caused us to enter a state of comparison.

Comparing yourself can cause you to become paralyzed and unable to swing at the ball when it comes across the plate. In America in particular, we feel like we always must keep up with the Jones’s. You will never find peace comparing and your life might even be stopped in its tracks.

Tip To Take Away

Think about what you think about. It’s your thoughts that create your feelings and your feelings that cause your actions. When you look at the actions you’re taking, and you don’t like them, go back to your thoughts and change them. When you do that, you will move into a place of unity and acceptance.

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